If You're Off To This Year's #CapitalSTB, Here's Some Tips To Make Sure You Have The Best One EVER!

7 June 2017, 15:04

#CapitalSTB Crowd 2016

You can thank us later.

It's been 364 days since 2016's #CapitalSTB. 364 days of you counting down until you can see the likes of Bruno Mars, Zara Larsson, Stormzy and Little Mix, so you need to make sure you're doing it right.

Your group chat on WhatsApp is filled with messages like "OMG! What are you going to wear?" and "Where shall I meet you?! HELP! XOXOXO" but - luckily for you - we're here to help. We're like superheroes, but we don't wear our pants on the outside, like Superman.

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There's a few tips you're going to need to know before you head on down to Wembley Stadium this year, and they go a little something like this:

Make sure you've practised your selfie game.

It's not every day that you're a matter of feet away from Charlie Puth. Or that you're within touching distance of Dua Lipa. So make sure your phone's fully charged, because you're going to want to take a lot of photos. Yes, it does mean deleting Tinder, just to clear up some storage space, but it's totally worth it. Just imagine the bragging rights.

Zara Larsson Summertime Ball 2016

Suncream. Shades. A rain coat. A brolly. Bring it all.

Look, it may be the SUMMERtime Ball, but this is Britain we're talking about. The weather is more unpredictable than #CapitalSTB stars, Olly Murs and Louisa Johnson's brand new tune 'Unpredictable'. You will be outside during the show, so stay well protected from the elements; you don't want to get burned, and you certainly don't want the rain to make your programme all soggy.

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Grab some glitter and perfect your signs.

During the show, you're going to be competing against 79,999 other screaming, adoring fans, all vying for your bae's attention. So if you're trying to lock eyes with - say - Niall Horan, how else are you going to do it without a sign that reads "NIALL, I WANNA HOLD YOUR SLOW HANDS!"? We will be judging our faves backstage, so make sure yours is good.

Stay hydrated. It's boring, but do it.

There's nothing really that cool about water, is there? But let's face it - you could be outside in the beating sunshine, dancing to your favourite tunes for hours on end. You do not want to miss the closing acts because you forgot to pack a bottle of water, do you? Just think about how much your mates would rinse you for that.

Olly Murs Live at the Summertime Ball 2015

Actually know how you're getting to and from the Stadium.

Wembley Stadium is pretty big. Chances are you'll probably be able to see it from far away. But the #CapitalSTB will get busy, so plan a route to get there and back - we can't have any of you lot getting lost, can we? Otherwise we're going to have to spend a long time holding your hands and walking you back; that's just a pain for us, really.

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Are you hyped for the #CapitalSTB? Well, not as excited as Niall Horan is to perform it...