An A-Z Of The Things That You Absolutely Cannot Forget To Bring To Capital's Summertime Ball

27 April 2018, 16:10

Tinie Tempah at the Summertime Ball 2016

Thank us later.

Hands up who's excited for Capital's Summertime Ball with Vodafone? 

We've been seeing on Twitter that some of you have even sorted hotels and trains already! YES. 

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So, aside from the obvious, what else do you need to bring?

Well, not only are we putting on the biggest summer party for you, but we've even compiled a handy A-Z checklist. We know, we know, we're too good to you.

A - A Game

It's the biggest Summer party around, you've got to bring your A-game or your favourite artists will NOT be happy. They're relying on you!

B - Banners

How are they going to know where their biggest fans are if you forget your banner?

C - Camera 

Fairly obvious why you'd need to bring this one, no?

D - Dancing Shoes

Prepare to dance the night away. You are NOT going to be disappointed when you see who's on the line-up! 

E - Energy

The Summertime Ball is so lively that you are going to need buckets of energy to keep up. 

F - Flower crown

Did you even go to a summer music event if you didn't wear a flower crown?

G - Glitter

Again, did you even go to a summer music event if you didn't wear glitter?

H - House keys 

Because no one wants to get locked out at the end of an EPIC day. 

I - Instagram

#Selfie. #SquadGoals. #SummertimeBall

J - Jelly Babies

For energy. Obvs. 

K - Kylie Jenner Selfie Tekkers

Brush up on Kylie Jenner's selfie techniques so that you can nail those photos on the day. 

L - Line-up 

Take a quick screenshot on your phone of the line-up. That way, you don't forget any of the amazing artists that we have jetting in. (Not that you would because they are THAT big...)

M - Mates 

No Summertime Ball is complete without your besties. amiright?

N - Noise 

The crowds at the Summertime Ball are notoriously noisy... don't let us down this year!

O - OOOOOH’s and AHHHHH’s 

For when the fireworks go off. Obvs. 

P - Phone

Otherwise how are you going to check in at Wembley Stadium or use our seriously cool Snapchat filters? 

Q - Quality Banter

It'll be a LOL a minute. 

R - Rain coat

Because the British weather is highly unpredictable.

S - Singing voice

Trust us, you do not want to hear the words, 'we can't hear you' from your favourite artist! 

T - Tickets

No ticket, no entry. Soz, kids. 

U - Umbrella 

Don't let the rain spoil the fun! 

V - Vibes

Keep vibin', ya know?

W - Wingmen


X - Xylophone 

LOL. Just jokin'. We had no idea what to write for X... preferably don't bring an X-Ray machine. 

Y - Your fierce outfit 

Get that wardrobe sorted! 

Z - Zen 

You're going to need some chill out time afterwards - this years Summertime Ball is going to go OFF.

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