The Neighbourhood's Jesse Rutherford Talks Halsey Collab & Working With Tommy Wiseau

13 March 2018, 15:32

Jesse Rutherford
Jesse Rutherford. Picture: PopBuzz
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

We chat to the musician about the band's latest self-titled album, his solo career, modelling debut and, of course, his very cute dog.

Fresh from the release of the latest self-titled album from The Neighbourhood, we caught up with frontman Jesse Rutherford for a Facetime chat about his new music, last year's excellent solo record &, his recent appearance on the catwalk at New York fashion week and even his beloved dog Martin.

Plus, we quizzed him on his recent Twitter comments suggesting that a collab with 'Bad At Love' singer Halsey could be on the cards:

Sounds promising.

So, what's the truth Jesse? Was this just party chat or is a duet imminent?

"I mean it was definitely 'party chat'. We were chatting at a party, it was like 3am when we had that conversation and I think both of us were on certain levels. But regardless...we've known each other for a long time. I just think it was a matter of time probably for me to come around and just be able to be interested. People run in different ways out here and like I said in the tweet, she's a boss and I'm definitely inspired by her anyways. And she's been wanting to write music for a long time. So I'm like, fuck it why not? Let's get in a room and write some music together. So I think that will be just a good time."

Watch this space we guess.

Elsewhere, Jesse filled us in on what it was like working with The Room legend Tommy Wiseau on the band's recent (and very good) video for 'Scary Love'.

The Neighbourhood - Scary Love


Turns out, Tommy was as great to work with as you'd always hoped:

"I could have never done what he did in the video. His role...he KILLED it. He was such a joy to work with, he's the best...Yeah, he was great. He is exactly what you think he is going to be. That's really how he is. But he's sweet and he has cool opinions and we had great conversations. Yeah, it was cool."

There ya go, it's confirmed - you should meet your heroes!

Jesse also promised that some UK live dates are on the way in addition to the band's previously announced appearance at All Points East festival in London this summer.

Watch our full Facetime chat with Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood in the video below:

FaceTiming with... The Neighbourhood's Jesse Rutherford