Joe Dempsie talks Gendry and Arya's relationship in Game of Thrones | PopBuzz Meets

26 April 2019, 17:45

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Joe Dempsie enters The Interrogation Room.

Game Of Thrones' Joe Dempsie aka Gendry has been pulled into 'The Interrogation Room' to face questioning. The charges? Allegedly committing crimes against the crown, going AWOL for years in a stolen(!!!) boat and impersonating someone know as 'Podrick Payne' AMONG MANY OTHERS.

There's evidence and accusations afoot but will he be found guilty? WE will be the judge of that.

We grilled Joe on Gendry and Arya's relationship, who will sit on the Iron Throne and whether he actually understands what the hell is going on when filming (spoiler: often not). Did he tell us anything useful? Well, you'll just have to watch to find out, won't you?

Joe Dempsie On Gendry & Arya In 'Game Of Thrones' | The Interrogation Room | PopBuzz Meets