HRVY reveals his awkward encounter with Shawn Mendes | PopBuzz Meets

14 May 2019, 12:09

By Woodrow Whyte

"It didn't go great"

Pop rascal HRVY has been called into The Interrogation Room to face questioning. The charges? Catfishing on Tinder, working with known felon JoJo Siwa and not releasing his debut album yet. Truly terrible crimes, I'm sure you'll agree.

Despite arriving an hour late (he blamed the traffic but we have reason to believe he was trying to escape the country), when HRVY finally took to the hot seat he admitted to a string of offences. He started with a shocking revelation that he had used his brother's toothbrush that morning, and it only got worse from there tbh.

HRVY The Interrogation Room interview on PopBuzz
HRVY The Interrogation Room interview on PopBuzz. Picture: PopBuzz

HRVY confessed to deliberately trying to sneak his way onto Justin Bieber's Instagram account at Coachella, having an awkward moment with Shawn Mendes backstage, and then proceeded to rat on his friends and tour mates, the criminal gang known as The Vamps. Brad, James, Tristan and Connor - we're after you next!

Watch the full interrogation above and then head to our YouTube channel to see Zara Larsson, Joe Dempsie and GIRLI sit down in the Interrogation Room.

HRVY's new single 'I Miss Myself' is out now.