Drag Race UK's Joe Black and Veronica Green react to H&M scandal and UK Hun | PopBuzz Meets

15 February 2021, 12:47

Drag Race UK’s Joe Black And Veronica Green React To RuPaul’s H&M Meltdown & Shock Exits | PopBuzz Meets

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Drag Race UK huns Joe Black and Veronica Green take a seat for the Drag Race Yearbook.

BING BANG BONG! Yes, the Drag Race Yearbook is back for another week with Joe Black and Veronica Green.

After an episode which is being described by many as one of the best in Drag Race HERstory, we caught up with Joe and Veronica to get the insider tea on what happened behind the scenes.

After a seven month break, the queens returned to the werkroom minus Veronica Green, who was told two days before that she was unable to compete because she had recently contracted coronavirus.

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Drag Race UK Joe Black and Veronica Green
Drag Race UK Joe Black and Veronica Green. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

In anticipation of any drop outs, Ru had the previously eliminated queens on standby, which meant after a vote by the remaining queens, Joe was able to return to the competition. However, just like his first time on the show, his return was short but sweet.

Joe struggled in the main challenge, and RuPaul exploded upon discovering that Joe was wearing an off-the-rack H&M dress for the Bananadrama performance of 'UK Hun?'. Despite a brilliant seaside runway look, it was not enough to save him from the bottom two. Unfortunately, Joe lost the lip sync to Tia and had to pack his bags for a second time.

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Catching up with Joe and Veronica the morning after the elimination, we take a look over the dramatic events on the episode, Veronica responds to Ginny Lemon calling her “Veronica Mean”, and Joe Black shares his true feelings on “H&M-Gate”. All that and the queens nominate their sisters in our spicy yearbook categories.

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