Drag Race UK's Ginny Lemon says the show helped her reconnect with biological family | PopBuzz Meets

9 February 2021, 00:00

Drag Race UK’s Ginny Lemon On Why She Really Walked Out Of Competition | Drag Race Yearbook

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"Through making my own family, I have been able to connect with my biological family", Ginny Lemon tells PopBuzz after walking out on Drag Race UK.

Ginny Lemon made RuPaul's Drag Race herstory last week by becoming the first drag queen ever to refuse to do a lip sync on the show.

In an interview with PopBuzz the morning after the elimination, Ginny reveals the real reason why she walked off Drag Race UK, and she also spoke about how the show has helped her reconnect with her biological family.

Ginny Lemon received a huge outpouring of love from fans following a conversation with Bimini Bon Boulash about identifying as non-binary.

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Drag Race UKs Ginny Lemon on reconnecting with her biological family
Drag Race UKs Ginny Lemon on reconnecting with her biological family. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

Speaking about the reaction to that conversation, Ginny said: "I was speaking to Bimini as one human to another at that time...it was just genuinely how I felt. So, it was very hard watching it back because I felt so vulnerable. But regardless of how vulnerable I felt, I now have that platform and that voice to challenge and to talk about those things."

Ginny continued: "So I had to put all of that aside and go 'well this isn't about me'. This is now about other people. I've shared my stories and now it's time to raise those voices of other people, other trans and non-binary, and people in the queer community."

"So in a way, yes it was hard for me to watch, but the way I can process that is and deal with that is to make change. Be the change, get out there and do something about it."

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Drag Race UK's Bimini and Ginny Lemon open up about being non-binary

Ginny also explained how the love and acceptance she's found through her queer family has allowed her to reconnect with her biological family.

"This was filmed a year ago, so I was in a very, very vulnerable place just because of the context of what it is we were doing. And yes it brought up a lot of conversations to have at home with family and friends."

"Of course, I feel loved and I feel accepted and I feel great, because I have a great support network that, as a queer individual, I've had to build up. You make your own family. And through making my own family, I have been able to connect with my biological family.

"I hate to be a cliché but RuPaul's Drag Race bringing families together again...the magic has happened! And yes, I love myself. So it's still a journey, it's a daily battle, but you've got to take that daily. It's more of a walk, than a running through life, so I just take it as it comes. And accept the positive and the happiness in my life and let the negative thoughts be washed away in a sea of yellow."

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