Drag Race Down Under's Anita Wigl'it reacts to Art Simone's shock return | PopBuzz Meets

26 May 2021, 17:50

Drag Race Down Under's Anita Wigl'it Reacts To Art Simone's Shock Return | PopBuzz Meets

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte


It's a new week on the Drag Race Yearbook and this week we're chatting to Drag Race Down Under star Anita Wigl'it.

We're only four episodes in and DRDU has already thrown us several curveballs (or should that be boomerangs?) at us. After surprising the queens with Snatch Game in the second episode, Anita went on to win with her outrageous impression of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the same episode, Art Simone's Bindi Irwin flopped for the judges and left the competition, spawning our new favourite meme in the process thanks to her very dramatic "that mean's nothing" post-elimination interview. The drama!

In the latest episode this week, the roles were reversed. Art was reinstated to the competition (no reason was given, but it was fairly obvious to everyone that she shouldn't have been sent home in the first place!) while the judges tore into Anita's runway look and she was sent home after a lip sync showdown with Karen From Finance. We absolutely hate to see it.

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Drag Race Down Under Anita Wigl'i
Drag Race Down Under Anita Wigl'i. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

In an interview with PopBuzz following her elimination, Anita spills the tea on what she really thought of the judges' critiques, her "bittersweet" elimination, and the return of Art Simone. That, and she nominates her fellow queens in our juicy yearbook categories.

Hit play on the video at the top of this page to watch that and then head to the PopBuzz YouTube channel for more interviews with the eliminated queens from Drag Race Down Under.