INTERVIEW: Ashley Dun & Jesse Cale Talk 'Secret Midnight Press' & Their Big Future Plans

20 April 2017, 17:06 | Updated: 19 November 2018, 16:12

By James Wilson-Taylor

The co-creators of the project talk new ideas, the difficulties of setting up your own business.

Ashley Dun and Jesse Cale have talked exclusively to PopBuzz about all the latest developments in their Secret Midnight Press project.

Emerging from their joint love of poetry and reflective blog posts exploring anxiety and other issues, the pair have been collaborating on their collections and themed gift boxes since 2016, their latest 'Spring' box containing a series of poems themed to the season as well as other surprises for subscribers to discover. They have even recently announced their first series of live events set to take place later this year.

Secret Midnight Press

Ashley and Jesse have found a welcoming community of users, contributors and supporters online, encouraged by the open conversation surrounding anxiety and depression as well as the regular shout outs to all the "late night feelers" out there.

We chatted to the pair about setting up the company and any future plans, including Jesse's musical aspirations.

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