Alex From The Chainsmokers' GF Exposed CCTV Footage Of Him Cheating

17 January 2018, 14:35 | Updated: 18 January 2018, 12:37

The 'Closer' star's girlfriend Tori Woodward leaked a video of him with a mystery woman.

The Chainsmokers are best known for much-loved hits like 'Paris' and 'Selfie', but one half of the dynamic duo has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Alex Pall, who formed The Chainsmokers alongside his friend Drew Taggart, was exposed for cheating on his long term girlfriend, BY HIS LONG TERM GIRLFRIEND.

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In the video above, which was shared to Instagram stories by Alex's then girlfriend Tori Woodward, the chart topper could be seen embracing a mystery woman at his home.


A post shared by Tori Woodward (@toriwoodward) onJun 4, 2014 at 5:52am PDT

Alongside the video, Tori wrote, 'They'll look you in the eyes and tell you they love you. Then destroy you without a second thought.'

The pair had been dating for almost four years, but that relationship now appears to have ended following Tori's exposé. As well as sharing the CCTV video, Tori also wrote a long message to her followers explaining the situation.

Taking to Instagram she revealed, 'After hours of begging him for scraps of honesty I chipped away just enough to confirm that this is not the first time he's remorsely cheated on me.'


A post shared by Tori Woodward (@toriwoodward) onMay 19, 2015 at 5:30pm PDT

'That "psycho b*tch" from Vegas, the "lame instagram model" caught on video and countless others he looked me in the eyes and swore on his life he never touched. Consistent outright denial faded to him explaining that because all men do it it's not that bad and, in different words, that because he's famous now he has a different rulebook for decency.'

'What's perhaps most amazing is that he HASN'T EVEN APOLOGIZED.'

'What he has done is everything he possibly can to stop this from coming out, from looking the the kind of person who does what he's done. "You're better than this." That's right I am, but you're not and if there was ever a time to hold powerful men accountable for their disgusting behaviour it's now.'


A post shared by Tori Woodward (@toriwoodward) onJul 15, 2015 at 3:55pm PDT

'Don't be that guy. Don't let your friend or brother or business partner be that guy. Basic respect for women in your life should not be such a hard standard to hold each other to.'

'I really appreciate all the kind messages I've been getting. I'm moving on with  my life now with the satisfaction that I'm liberated from a horrible person and encourage anyone else in a similar position to know your worth and do the same.'

Alex hasn't yet released an official statement or commented on the story and has disabled comments on his Instagram.

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