"I'm Always Thinking About It!" We Chat To Taylor Swift About Her NEW Tour Plans!

26 August 2014, 14:29 | Updated: 26 August 2014, 14:41

Taylor Swifts live stream

The 'Shake It Off' star says she's been planning her new album around what she wants for her next tour.

Fingers crossed you won't have TOO long to wait #Swifties… as Taylor's ALREADY planning her new tour!

After surprising us all last week with a new song ('Shake It Off'), a new music video AND announcing her new album '1989', Taylor's told us all about what's next.

Taylor Swift teases new tour plans...

"I'm always thinking about the tour," Taylor revealed exclusively to Capital's Max. As soon as I write a song I start thinking about, 'Oh, what would this be like [live]? Would it be in the set list? Where would we put this?'

"I'm always thinking about that because it's my favourite element of things, when you put out a song and then you get to look out at the crowd at the O2, singing the words back," the '22' star explained. "It's a pretty surreal moment."

So there you have it folks, Taylor's in full-on steaming ahead mode and it sounds like a new tour announcement may well not be too far away. 

What would you like to see on a new Taylor Swift tour? Which songs do you want her to play?

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And just in case you missed it… watch Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' music video below: