#Talvin: 12 Things We've Learnt From Taylor And Calvin's Relationship So Far

16 June 2015, 17:09 | Updated: 16 June 2015, 17:15

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris together

Because we've shipped couples in the past, but this is just on a whole new level.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris went public with their relationship earlier this year - and we were absolutely THRILLED for the pair!

With a long list of ex-lovers from each of them, with everyone from Rita Ora to Harry Styles making an appearance, the new lovebirds in town have obviously learnt a lot - but what can we learn from them?

1. Firstly a big round of applause for Ellie Goulding as she was the one who brought the beautiful pair together. 

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 > "They're Both Awesome" - Ellie Goulding On Match-Making Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris


2. Taylor is obviously the 'cute and caring' one of the pair - just look at how she's smiling at this young girl and Calvin's just like -.-


3. When she posted THAT swan picture, we kinda lost it a little bit. 


4. They're not afraid of a bit of PDA - and we're totally fine with that. 

5. When it comes to 'acting interested as a couple' - they've totally got that DOWN.


6.  Not only are they in sync as a couple but as Magazine front covers TOO!? (Kinda...)


7. We've shipped couples in the past but this is just on a whole different level. 


8. And it seems like Calvin completely agrees with us.


9. Okay they're blatantly sharing clothes by now!


10. Not that we're 'jumping the gun' or anything, but a Talvin marriage would be AMAZING.


11. It makes sense for the coolest couple to have an ice-cold third wheeler.


12. As always, people like to chip in their two-pennies' worth, but it just doesn't matter.

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