Taylor Swift fans have camped out for 5 months to get front row at Eras Tour Argentina show

3 November 2023, 15:17

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Swifties of Argentina are proving to be the most hardcore of all.

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How far would you go to ensure your spot in the front row of a concert? Camping overnight? Getting to the venue early and waiting 12 hours until doors open? Well, whatever your answer is, it probably won't be as dedicated or as extreme as what the Taylor Swift fans in Argentina are doing right now...

Taylor is finally set to take The Eras Tour to South America this month (November), with three shows in Argentina and six shows in Brazil.

As expected, the demand to see Taylor was through the roof – tickets went on sale for these specific dates way back in June and they were snatched up fast. Unlike Taylor's US shows, however, there will be no floor seating. The floor section has been split into three different standing sections: Front standing left, front standing right and general admission.

As a result, Argentinian Swifties have set up camp outside the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires to make sure they manage to get front row. And they've apparently been camping there for five months...

Swifties in Argentina have been camping for five months to get front row at the Eras Tour
Swifties in Argentina have been camping for five months to get front row at the Eras Tour. Picture: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images, STR/AFP via Getty Images

According to a report by Pitchfork, there's hundreds of fans waiting for the doors to open on the big night, each taking it in turns to occupy four tents outside the stadium. Most of them are young women, and no one under 18 is allowed.

Most of the fans in the camp have general admission tickets, which means they'll be among the first to be able to grab the coveted spots at, front and centre, at the end of Taylor's huge stage.

Speaking to the publication, one Swiftie – who asked to remain anonymous – revealed that she had been camping in a tent outside the stadium since June 2023.

She's been staying in the small makeshift Swiftie camp in between taking college classes and working a part-time job, and has been hiding her whereabouts from her father who has no idea what she's doing. "I usually tell my dad I’m at a park drinking mate with somebody, or visiting a friend of mine who lives near the stadium," she explained.

Taylor Swift fans have been camping outside for five months ahead of The Eras Tour in Argentina
Taylor Swift fans have been camping outside for five months ahead of The Eras Tour in Argentina. Picture: Getty

Wondering how it works? The group have created spreadsheet that keeps track of everyone who has been occupying each tent. The longer you've spent in a tent, the higher your chances of being further ahead in the queue when the time comes.

There's also a whole host of rules and regulations: Screenshots from a WhatsApp chat detailing the requirements to secure your place in the queue and rules of staying in the tents went viral on social media in June.

While the tents have been there for five months, not all of the Swifties have been staying there consistently for that long. One fan who spoke to the publication revealed she'd spent around 12-and-a-half days in total in the tents.

Unfortunately, the fans – who have now become friends – have also caught some public criticism, and have had to face rowdy comments from football fans and passers by. During match days, the tents are guarded by a police officer.

The first Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires takes place on Thursday November 9th, with the following two on November 10th and November 11th. May the odds be ever in those dedicated Swifties favour!

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