Shawn Mendes Took An Ice Bath On Instagram Live & It's All You Need To See Today

20 June 2019, 13:57

Shawn Mendes took an ice bath on Instagram live
Shawn Mendes took an ice bath on Instagram live. Picture: Instagram/ @ShawnMendes

Shawn Mendes just took an ice bath on Instagram live and fans are thanking the 'In My Blood' star.

Shawn Mendes just gave fans a behind the scenes look at his gruelling tour routine by taking an ice bath on Instagram live and trust us, it's the best thing you'll see all day, because it's Shawn.... in a bath.

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The 20-year-old can be seen up to his neck in ice and saying 'bye everyone' before submerging himself under the icy bath, in true athlete style.

Ice baths 'speed up the healing process' of muscles, flushes out 'waste' from the system and reduces swelling, and seeing the enormous exertion of energy he puts out every time he performs to a sold out arena, it's little surprise he needs one!

Shawn is in the middle of his world tour and has kicked off the Northern American leg, where he's been continuing to hold his backstage fan hangouts, where they can ask Shawn pretty much anything they want, like what Hogwarts house he'd be in, to what his favourite TV show was as a kid.

Fans have also picked up on recent footage of him slipping over and asking if that's why he needed the ice bath- which has become something of a running joke as, despite being one of the worlds biggest performers, he is more than slightly accident prone.

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