WATCH: “I Have A Weakness For Anything Savoury & Bad Boys!” Selena Gomez Reveals All

11 May 2016, 10:52

Selena Gomez Cover Shoot | Behind the Secnes


PLUS find out who her first celeb crush was, that she’s been a Britney fan from day one and which women she looks up to in the industry.

Selena Gomez is definitely in a sharing mood – and she revealed everything about her weaknesses and celebrity crushes in this new behind the scenes video from her Marie Claire cover shoot.

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As well as a VERY surprising first celebrity crush – who knows she fancied him (and it’s not Justin Bieber!) – Selena also revealed her weaknesses in life, “I have a weakness for anything savoury or bad guys, the bad boys!” Girl after our own heart or what?!

Selena also revealed that her first concert was Britney Spears – and despite being up in the “nosebleeds” section, she was loving life… and we kind of love Selena a little bit more for all of this! 

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