Selena Gomez Says Spring Breakers Help "Push" Her And Opened Doors In Hollywood

11 August 2013, 09:23

The US singer says she feels more confident after taking on the complicated role in last year's action comedy.

Selena Gomez says her role in Spring Breakers helped completely change how hollywood viewed her and has opened up doors to more serious acting roles for the future.

The 'Come & Get It' singer starred alongside fellow teen stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson in the 2012 well received comedy drama, and says taking on the role of student Faith helped her "push" herself.

"This opened my eyes and made me more comfortable in taking risks," Selena told Daily Star, when asked what the movie means to her. "I'm excited just to look at what's out there and take the next step and do a couple of different roles, whatever they are.

"It also changed people's perception in Hollywood, I think it's exciting to throw people off, so I like it," Selena explained. "Spring Breakers helps me not be afraid. 

"Like I said, I'm generally very tentative and over-thinking but this movie made me push myself," she added.

Check out a picture of Selena Gomez on stage at the Young Hollywood Awards below (Credit: PA):

Earlier this month Selena scored her first ever number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart with her new album 'Stars Dance', and is now readying a brand new single called 'Slow Down'.

Selena Gomez was speaking ahead of the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Spring Breakers on Monday (12th August).