One Direction Ban Fans Coming On Stage After Three Fall Victim To Hate Mail Campaign

3 January 2012, 10:20 | Updated: 3 January 2012, 10:33

The 'Gotta Be You' stars end their audience participation after girls receive abusive messages online.

One Direction have been forced to put an end to any audience participation at their live shows after three fans became victims of an online hate campaign.

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' stars serenaded three lucky winners of a Twitter competition on stage during a warm up show for their UK tour last month.

The Sunday Mirror reports that a fan called Hollie Gilbert and two others received an influx of abusive messages following their appearance with the boys.

Speaking to the newspaper, Hollie said: "I was partnered with Harry. Then they sang to us ­wearing tuxes. Harry was really sweet. The jealous messages ­began ­almost straight away."

The fan believes it was the fact that she was joined by Harry during the performance that got so many people jealous.

"I think it’s because I was ­partnered with Harry, the most popular member. I’ve tried to ­ignore the messages. But it’s a shame as the band have now cut the whole fan interaction scene from the routine," she confessed.

A spokesman for the band added: "The girls were brought up on stage for a warm-up show at the ­beginning of the tour as a try. It didn't work out from a practical point of view."

Harry's rumoured girlfriend Caroline Flack was also the subject of similar hate mail following news that the pair had apparantly shared a kiss.

Meanwhile, the band continue their tour with a show in Bournemouth this evening (3rd January).