Olly Murs strips at G-A-Y club

Olly Murs shocked fans at the weekend when he stripped at London's G-A-Y Club.

The Please Don't Let Me Go singer was greeted with huge cheers after he turned up onstage wearing nothing but a skimpy cow thong.

He was fulfilling a promise he made when he signed his record deal last year that he would strip off if his debut single went to the top of the charts.

Please Don't Go shot to Number One last September.   

Following his performance the singer apparently scored a date with Parade singer Bianca Claxton after the pair bumped into each other backstage.

'She’s single and there's clearly a lot of spark between them,' a source told The Metro.

'She's hoping to meet up with him again very soon.'

The chance meeting couldn't come have come a better time for Murs, who recently said: ‘When you go to a lot of events you see girls but they've all got boyfriends – it's ridiculous. I think there are actually no single girls in this industry. I'm going to have to date one of my fans, I think that's what my next plan is.'