Olly Murs On Rizzle Kicks Change For US 'Heart Skips A Beat': "There's No Hard Feelings"

1 August 2012, 09:51 | Updated: 1 August 2012, 10:35

The singer says there is no issue over the replacement of Rizzle Kicks with US act Chiddy Bang on his single.

Olly Murs has explained the decision to replace Rizzle Kicks with Chiddy Bang on the US release of his single 'Heart Skips A Beat' and claims it is because UK rap acts "don't go down well" stateside.

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' singer launched his debut US single release back in May in America with the US hip-hop act Chiddy Bang replacing 'Mama Do The Hump' duo Rizzle Kicks, but Olly confirms there are "no hard feeling" about the change.

"No, they're top lads and the song was a hit with them on it," Olly confirmed to The Metro this week. "|t wasn't my decision, it was the label. It said UK rappers don't go down well in the US.

"The boys knew that and were fine about it," the 'Oh My Goodness' singer explained. "I called them and told them Chiddy Bang was going to be on it instead and they were fine.

"I'd like it if they were on it because it's been a hit with them on it in the UK and Europe but I understand the American market is different."

He added: "There are no hard feelings."

View a picture of Olly Murs' newly announced autobiography Happy Days below:

Olly recently returned from the US after joining One Direction on their headline tour there last month, and admitted he was happy to gain new supporters in the form of the 'What Makes You Beautiful' five-piece's fans.

Olly murs is due to release the US version of his album 'In Case You Didn't Know', featuring several tracks from his UK debut as well, on 25th September.