Nick Jonas Pranked Roman, And He Was Left Feeling Really Uncomfortable!

He's recorded a song called 'Close' so it only seemed fair to work on that and get some sweet, sweet revenge on Mr Kemp at the same time, right?!

His latest BANGER with Tove Lo is called 'Close', so to take Nick Jonas' mind off of performing in front of - wait for it... 80,000 SCREAMING FANS at the #CapitalSTB, we thought we'd play a little game.

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Before his chat with Roman Kemp, we told the 'Jealous' performer to cosy on up to Roman Kemp a little closer with every question he was asked.

The pair spoke about his most recent album, and a possible collaboration with fellow Ball'er, Zara Larsson. But the real moment was when Nick got SO close to Roman, the only possible thing to do was to full-on embrace Roman.

Yes, Mr Kemp was totally confused by what was going on. Yes, we were pleased with what we accomplished.

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