Miley Cyrus forced dad to drop interview

Miley Cyrus has forced her dad to drop out of tell all TV interview.

Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus was set to appear on US tv show The View but Miley asked him to drop out of the appearance.

It is believed that she is still angry about his recent comments where he said that 'Hannah Montana' destroyed his family.

A source told Pop Eater: 'When Miley found out her father was scheduled to appear on 'The View' on Wednesday she went nuts.

'Only last week, Billy shot his mouth off in GQ, and now he planned to sit down and talk more crap about his family. No way would Miley or her team let that happen.'

The source continued: 'Miley wanted to give her father the benefit of the doubt, goodness knows she's said things she wishes she could take back.

'But after she found out about his media trip to New York, no more excuses could be made.'