Lady Gaga Performs In A Wheelchair

Mother Monster causes more controversy as she takes to the stage in Sydney.

Lady Gaga shocked fans at a gig in Sydney last night by rolling out in a wheelchair covered by a black shroud.

The singer performed 'You And I' in the chair half-way through her set at Sydney Town Hall, which left some equality groups angry.

The Roman Reed Foundation vented its criticism on its Twitter page.

"Dear @ladygaga how about using your celebrity status 2 try 2 get us out of wheelchairs. Instead of cruising one. Cool?!"

This isn't the first time Gaga has been criticized for using wheelchair in her performances. In 2009 she defended her video for 'Paparazzi' to Vanity Fair.

"I had girls in wheelchairs crying to me at meet-and-greets, telling me that when they saw that video it changed their lives."


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