Lady Gaga Apologises To Fans Over Kendrick Lamar Team-Up: "I Didn't Want To Compromise"

5 October 2012, 12:01 | Updated: 5 October 2012, 12:25

The 'Marry The Night' singer says she "loves" the singer but their team-up isn't on his new album.

Lady Gaga has revealed to fans that her team-up with Kendrick Lamar doesn't feature on his new album because she was "not willing to compromise musically" on changes to the track suggested by his team.

The 'Marry The Night' singer says the US singer is "truly great" and has promised fans they will eventually hear the two's collaboration 'PARTYNAUSEOUS', while explaining the decision not to feature her track on his latest record 'good kid, m.A.A.d city'.

"I apologise to the fans that this situation with 'PARTYNAUSEOUS' is confusing," Gaga posted on last night (4th October). "To clear it up I must explain this. When I collaborate with an artist I work solely with them, not with their camps or management. It's purely organic and creative.

"I love Kendrick dearly as a friend, but was not willing to compromise musically to the changes his team was making to my music," she explained. "That is why I am not on his record.

"I have a very specific vision as a producer and songwriter, and I always have. That song will be released at a different time, for a different project. 

"I love you and think you should check out his stuff because he is truly great," Gaga added. "He's a good kid, it's just sometimes a mad city." 

View a picture of US singer-songwriter Kendrick Lamar below (Credit: PA):

The 'You & I' singer was out in Italy earlier this week for a 'Born This Way Ball' in Milan where she met up with Versace boss Donatella Versace, before heading on to consecutive shows in Nice, France for the end of the week.