Glee to do 'Born This Way'

Glee will be doing the new Lady Gaga single 'Born This Way' during season two.

Lady Gaga has yet to sing it in public yet (we should hear it at the Grammys in February) but the cast of Glee will perform it in March or April.

The episode will focus on the character Dave Karofsky (Max Adler), whose bullying drove Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) to transfer schools during the first half of the season.

Ryan Murphy, Glee's co-creator, told Access Hollywood that he was excited to again feature GaGa's music in the show: "We have the rights to do an episode about the lead song off her new album, Born This Way, which is amazing.

"It’s an anthem about being true to who you are which is what Glee is about, so we’re very excited to pay homage to her."

Glee have already covered GaGa's hits 'Bad Romance' and 'Poker Face'.