Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Jay-Z: "I Don't Need To Address Press Speculation"

3 April 2013, 10:43

The 'Beauty And A Beat' singer says he avoids reading negative comments on Twitter and YouTube.

Justin Bieber has compared his situation to that of US rapper Jay-Z while explaining why he prefers not to respond to press speculation about his personal life.

The 'As Long As You Love Me' singer features in a cover story for the new issue of Teen Vogue and spoke about the recent press rumours about him, saying it's more powerful not to respond to the critic.

"I don't need to address every speculation," Justin reveals in the publication's new issue. "Remember when Cam'ron dissed Jay-Z?

"Jay-Z didn't even respond," the 'Boyfriend' singer explained. "Why didn't he respond? Because he's Jay-Z.

Justin went on to say that, despite recent press focus on his personal life, he generally has good experiences on social media because of the overwhelming fan support he has.

"My Twitter is really nice, I have so many fans that I rarely ever see a nasty tweet," he explained. "I don't read YouTube comments because those can get you sad.

"I see so much stuff on the Internet, sometimes I just want to go to Twitter and just go after people.

"But then I just think twice," Justin went on to say. "If someone is dissing me, I'm going to make this person way more famous by tweeting them."

Check out a picture of Justin Bieber on his 'Believe' tour recently below (Credit: PA):

Last week Justin also addressed the recent speculation about his life and admitted he is "not perfect".

The Canadian star's manager confirmed this week that Justin has recently written a song for UK band The Wanted that he expects to be "a hit".

Justin Bieber is expected to release a brand new 3D concert movie of his 'Believe' tour in time for Christmas.