Justin Bieber: "My Fans Are Crazier Than Anyone Else's Fans"

16 August 2012, 17:49

The 'All Around The World' singer says he also hopes to hold onto his baby-faced looks.

Justin Bieber has claimed that his fans, who are better known as his Beliebers, are "crazier" than any other fan base.

Although the Beliebers have to compete with the likes of One Direction's Directioners and the Rihanna Navy, Justin said his were the most dedicated.

"My fans are crazier than anyone else's fans," Justin said in a new interview with Vibe.

"I've had girls make light-up signs with actual mechanics involved. Like it takes them three months to make that sign. Three months! That’s a long time."

Elsewhere in the interview, 18-year-old Justin also reveals that it's possible he may hold onto his baby-faced looks as he enters adulthood.

"My mom looks pretty young and my dad does, too, so hopefully I will, too," he said. "I hate shaving. It's really going to suck when I have to start shaving every day."

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The interview also features aconversation with Justin's manager Scooter Braun, who said he believes that Justin's career could last as long as the late Michael Jackson.

Justin is currently preparing to kick off his 'Believe' world tour, which will see him play a host of dates in the UK in 2013.