Justin Bieber Fans' 'Bieber Fever' Proved To Be More Contagious Than Measles?

14 June 2012, 15:23 | Updated: 14 June 2012, 15:37

Scientists at a University have discovered that people can be more susceptible to Justin through media coverage.

'Bieber Fever' has been scientifically proven to be more contagious than the measles, The Atlantic reports.

University of Ottawa scientists Valerie Tweedle and Robert J. Smith tested 2,000 subjects in their experiments and concluded that it is "perhaps the most infectious disease of our time."

The study reads: "Bieber Fever has similar properties to other infectious diseases, such as a rapid rate of transmission in large populations, eventual recovery and debilitating scarring (in the form of inappropriate tattoos of Justin Bieber's name/face).

"Symptoms include uncontrollable crying and/or screaming, excessive purchasing of memorabilia, making poor life choices (e.g. copycat hairstyles), and distraction from everyday life."

The pair's findings also saw that similar circumstances occurred in the past with the boy bands Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block.

It is reported only negative attention can cause fans to end 'Bieber Fever' and the University public relations spokeswoman Caroline Milliard said the school is "confident it is actually a true story."

Check out a picture of Justin performing at the Summertime Ball 2012 below:

The star is one of the most popular artists in the world with over 23 million fans on Twitter and 43 million on his Facebook account.

Justin also wowed 80,00 fans at the Summertime Ball 2012 over the weekend performing some of his biggest tracks alongside new 'Believe' songs including 'Boyfriend', 'Die In Your Arms' and 'All Around The World'.