Justin Bieber Eager To Get Started On Making Basketball Movie – Audio

27 March 2012, 13:22 | Updated: 27 March 2012, 13:24

The 'Boyfriend' star admits he keeps asking Mark Wahlberg when they can start making their collaborative film.

Justin Bieber has confessed that his upcoming basketball movie with Mark Wahlberg is on its way and is just awaiting the perfect script.

The 'Somebody To Love' singer told Capital FM that he has been told to be patient by the Hollywood actor who he is collaborating with on the project.

The teen star said: "The script is still being developed right now – these things take time. They've got to be rewritten sometimes and they come back and the script's not good enough so we keep going back and back and I keep yelling at Mark Wahlberg. I'm like 'listen bro, when is the thing going to be done, when is the script going to be done', and he's like 'it take's time. Be patient young Bieber'."

Earlier this month, Mark had confessed that the movie would be "worth the wait" as they hold out for the right script.

You can listen to Justin Bieber talking to Capital FM about his basketball movie below:

Justin Bieber on his upcoming basketball movie