Ellie Goulding Has NO Interest In Being "Skinny"... It's All About Being STRONG!

12 November 2015, 10:08

Ellie Goulding

Ellie wants to get stronger - not slimmer - and she doesn't care who knows it.

Ellie Goulding’s well known for her super-trim physique and intense fitness regime - but she has ZERO interest in being “skinny” or losing weight.

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The ‘Burn’ star - who’s been showing off her ripped abs in a new mag shoot - says she’s much more interested in building strength and the power that comes with it then worrying about being ultra-slim.

“If getting stronger means getting more toned and slimmer, so be it, as long as strength comes with it,” she revealed to Shape magazine. “I’m happy with my figure.

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“I never intended or tried to be skinny, it’s just not my thing,” she explained

“I believe you have to find a balance,” Ellie added. “We’re expected to stay fit and health all the time, but that’s just never going to happen.

“We all have to deal with stress.”

Well - we have to say Ellie - it's DEFINITELY working for you! The lady's looking hot, hot, HOT!

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