Calvin Harris On New Album 'Motion' And Why He Wouldn’t Date Another Celeb After Rita Ora Split

10 November 2014, 11:42 | Updated: 12 November 2014, 18:15

The Scottish hunk celebrates his FIFTH album and explains why he wouldn’t want another relationship in the public eye after THAT very public break-up…

The frosty break up between Calvin Harris and Rita Ora is probably the most talked about celebrity split of the year, and Calvin has opened up about why it’s put him off dating another celeb lady.

Calvin told Max, “I don’t like celebrities, celebrity women. Nah.” Well, that’s pretty to the point…

Earlier on in the year Calvin banned Rita from performing a song he had written for her, and when the issue was picked up in the media he put out a tweet to say there was more behind the decision and that he had a “damn good reason”. Awk.

When we quizzed him on THAT very explosive tweet he explained, “Imagine there is a relentless volume of stuff written about you and it’s nonsense and lies. And then you get so many lies stacking up against you, there’s a point where you’re just like ‘oh man, I’ve got to say something’.”

“Because it was just like, oh come on, stop it! So I did that – it didn’t do any good, probably shouldn’t have really done it but then it continues. So I don’t care. I cared for a minute because it was every day, it was like ‘stop talking about me’.”

And with all that water under the bridge, would it be awkward if he was to bump into Rita or would the pair be civil?

Calvin told Max, “I haven’t seen her since, like, March. It’s brilliant. It’s great. I told you before, it’s just stress-free. It’s beautiful.”

Well, it doesn’t look like this celeb couple will be reuniting any time soon then! 

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