Ariana Grande’s Confirmed An Amazing Immersive ‘Sweetener’ Experience Is Coming

26 September 2018, 13:56

Ariana Grande teased her 'Sweetener' Experience.
Ariana Grande teased her 'Sweetener' Experience. Picture: Instagram/Spotify

Every room is going to correspond to a different track from her latest album.

Ariana Grande might not be going on tour anytime soon, but fans will get to enjoy her new ‘Sweetener’ album in a different way… there’s an immersive ‘Sweetener Experience’ on the way.

Ariana Grande Hints To Fans That Her Next Tour Is Going To Be A Long Way Away

After Spotify teased that there was something special coming for the album, a fan reached out to Ari to find out what it could be, whether it might be an art exhibit with rooms corresponding to the songs – and the lady herself confirmed it.

They tweeted, “So sis is this Sweetener the experience an art exhibit with a room for each song or what??? Bc Issa concept!!”

Few details are currently known about where the 'Sweetener' experience will be and how fans can get involved, but all will be revealed in due course.

Ariana had previously commented and deleted on a fan’s post seemingly confirming that she won’t be touring her album anytime soon.

The fan posted a meme about saving up for Ariana meet and greet tickets, but she wrote back that they would be waiting a “looooong time”, but fans were quick to support her decision after the tough year she has had with her ex Mac Miller’s recent death.

We can’t wait to see what the ‘Sweetener Experience’ will entail!

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