Mark Ronson Talks Adele's Dodgy Habits

Mark spills the beans on Adele before she was famous.

Mark Ronson, who collaborated with Adele for both her albums, says she had a couple of interesting habits when she first asked to work with him.

"She was 18, chain-smoking Marlboro Lights, and watching Jerry Springer," Mark revealed.

"She said, 'This is the song I want you to produce'. I was struck by her determination."

Feisty Adele has recently picked up a nomination for the Mercury Price which she was "unbelievably chuffed" with, and Mark Ronson thinks her success is truly deserved.

"With all the manufactured, computer-adulterated pop out there, it's great that when a person comes along with an incredible voice and real songs, it still trumps everything," he told the Evening Standard.

"It's great for the music industry that it happened. And I love Adele as a friend, I think she's f**king amazing."