A Teacher Absolutely OWNS A Student In An Epic Rap Battle! MIC DROP!

teacher vs student Rap battle


Eminem. Nicki Minaj. And every other rapper. You all need to sit down, because you've all just been taught a lesson in free styling... From a teacher, of course!

Our teachers at school tended to stick to the usual means of punishment. Y'know the sort - extra homework; staying behind in class; suspensions, and so on.

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Not this one, though. Oh no. Instead, this one teacher got all of her students to make a circle in the playground and targeted the naughty lad in question.

She then spat some INSANE lyrics. Of course the pupil tried to get his own back, but he failed miserably when Ms. Ashurst got all up in his grill and yelled "Your lyrics are crap, I'm gonna put you in a detention!"

The entire playground went CRAZY... And - we're not gonna lie - so did we.

(PS: We are so, so, so sorry for anyone who watched this video with headphones in.)

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