WATCH: Emma Stone Better Say Yes To This Teen's Frankly Mind-Blowing Prom Invitation Video

6 April 2017, 07:42

Emma Stone Prom Invite

Otherwise, we're never watching La La Land again.

If you've not seen La La Land, chances are you've been doing the cinema totally wrong. But if you are one of the unfortunate three people on this planet who hasn't seen it, we'll fill you in - the movie opens on a busy highway, where disgruntled traffic dwellers ease their suffering by jumping out of their cars and breaking into song.

The Academy Award-winning musical also happens to star Ryan Gosling and the official dream woman of 2017, Emma Stone. So being the official dream woman of 2017, aspiring filmmaker Jacob Staudenmaier sought to ask her to accompany him to his prom.

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Emma Stone 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon CarterPic: Getty

Recreating the film's opening number, 'Another Day of Sun', Jacob bursts out of his car, suited and booted, and sings "So maybe I could buy you dinner, it would make my night, and maybe make yours too-oo-oo, but I dunno, it's up to you."

There's so much to love with this video - the skateboarding fail, the fact that all of Jacob's mates hold their "PROM?" signs in front of each other's faces, so they make sure they're on camera the most, or Staudenmaier's incredible ability to wear about 17 pairs of sunglasses at the same time like a boss.

Thankfully Jacob recreated La La Land, and not Zombieland to woo Emma. So now the ball's in your court, girl. We'll just sit here, eagerly waiting. No pressure, Emma...

Emma Stone's Prom InvitationPic: Twitter

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