#WayBackWHENsday: 7 Headline-Grabbing Moments From This Time Last Year

23 July 2014, 07:00 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Beyonce gets her hair stuck in a fan... #awks

Poor Bey, during a gig in Montreal, Canada, the 'Diva' managed to get her weave tangled in a stage fan. We've all been there though, right?

But at least she can joke about it! She even changed the lyrics to 'Halo' a few days later - what a joker!


Harry wants to go from chunk to hunk!

One Direction's Harry Styles revealed that he was ditching sweets from his diet so that he could get his ideal beach body. Need a gym buddy Hazza?

Picture: Wehazstyle Tumblr


Rihanna & Cara get freaky at the circus

Word can't describe how creeped out we are by this picture...


Kim & Kanye treat their bums...

The power-couple apparently spent HALF A MILLION POUNDS on gold-plated toilets!! As you do...


Cheryl makes a surprise appearance at her old school

Forget the excitement of the teacher wheeling out the TV on that massive trolley, imagine how amazing it would be is Chezza popped by your primary school to perform a surprise concert? The Geordie singer popped by her old school in Newcastle much to the delight of the hundreds of pupils. What a gem!


One Direction revealed THAT video on Capital TV!

We still can't get over how EPIC the video for 'Live While We're Young' is - the boys' new alter-egos are PERFECT!


And finally... 'Blurred Lines' gets covered by Bill Clinton?!

Yeah, we weren't expecting one this year. But someone (with far too much time on their hands) trawled through all of the former-President's speeches to create this gem!