11 unanswered questions from You season 2 that will keep us up at night

2 January 2020, 21:50

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

From Love Quinn's baby to Joe's mysterious new neighbour. These are the burning questions we had after watching You season 2.

You season 2 had fans hooked and shook from start to finish. Victoria Pedretti joined the cast as Love Quinn, Joe Goldberg's (Penn Badgley) latest love interest following his big move to Los Angeles. The psychological thriller gave fans plenty to consider going into a potential season 3, including the identity of Joe's new neighbour out in the suburbs.

Each new plot twist gave fans more to consider and Love's mysterious past is sure to play a role in the couple's season 3 shenanigans.

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Warning: Spoilers for You season 2 ahead. You have been warned!

Will Delilah's disappearance be investigated? Will Ellie and Will return to cause trouble? And is Love Quinn's baby even Joe's? These are the questions keeping us up at night until Netflix drops You season 3.

1) Is Ellie really in Florida? Will she be back for season 3?

At the end of You season 2, Joe urges Ellie (Jenna Ortega) to leave town after all but confirming Delilah's death. Joe gives Ellie some money and instructs her to "start over" and go "east" to a new city. In the final episode of the season, we see Joe open up his PO Box to find a Florida postcard from Ellie telling him to send more money in three months.

What we don't actually see is Ellie leaving on a bus, train, or airplane. We all know the rules of television. If we didn't see it happen, be incredulous. Could Ellie be a foil for Joe in season 3?

You season 2 - Ellie Florida postcard
You season 2: Where is Ellie? She's moved to Florida. Picture: Netflix

2) Will Joe be implicated in Delilah's disappearance/murder?

After Delilah is killed, Love Quinn lays out a plan to stage her suicide and make her a "martyr" in order to cover her and Joe's tracks. The only issue with that is Joe was one of the last people who was publicly seen with Delilah.

The two were arrested together for having sex in an alleyway. Joe would, in theory, be a prime suspect in her abduction and murder (even though we know Love is her actual killer). We know missing persons cases get bungled all the time, but wouldn't you look into the last person publicly linked to Delilah just before her disappearance?

That being said, Joe now has the power of the Quinns behind him which could be very useful when it comes to dealing with any legal complications that arise in season 3.

Delilah You season 2
Delilah You season 2 murdered by Love Quinn. Picture: Netflix

3) Where did Candace hide out after Joe buried her alive?

In You season 2 flashbacks we see that, after Joe and Candace (Ambyr Childers) argue in his New York apartment, he takes her to the woods and ends up knocking her unconscious. Thinking she has died, Joe disposes of Candace's body and buries her.

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In reality, Candace is not dead. She is alive and speaks to a police officer, who advises her to remain hidden – so she does. But where does Candace hide out? What does she do for money? What does she call herself? Does her family think she's overseas?

Candace's whereabouts before she re-enters Joe's life are never actually explained.


4) What did Love do with Candace's body?

After Love kills Candace, she wraps her body in tarp and puts it in the back of her car trunk. Then she disappears and comes back to the storage unit with freshly baked muffins. What on EARTH did she do with Candace's body?!

Candace You season 2 body
Where is Candace's body in You season 2 . Picture: Netflix

5) Could the real Will Bettelheim make a comeback in season 3?

Will Bettelheim is the only person to make it out of the glass box alive and, frankly, he's one helluva loose end. As Will jumps around the country and state, he is leaving behind a growing list of people who could link him to various crimes – including unlawful imprisonment.

Letting Will go was a noble thing for Joe to do but it opens to door to all manner of trouble, from blackmail to straight-up jail time. Joe will undoubtedly be looking over his shoulder in season 3.

Will Bettelheim loose end?
You season 2: Is Will Bettelheim (Robin Lord Taylor) coming back for You season 3? . Picture: Netflix

6) What actually happened to Joe's mother?

Joe never explains what happened to his mother. Though we see her in flashbacks all season long, it's never confirmed whether she is dead, alive, or living out in the suburbs somewhere (hint hint).

The only thing we know about Joe's mother is that she lost custody of him when he was a kid. Some fans are already guessing she could play a huge part in season 3 as his next-door neighbour and potential new obsession. But we'll see how likely that is.

Joe's mom You season 2 - neighbour
You season 2: Is Joe's mom his new neighbour and You season 3 obsession? . Picture: Screenshot from Netflix

7) Why are Love and Forty named after tennis terms?

Love and Forty's names are tennis scoring terms (Love being another way to say "0" and Forty being "3"). But it's never explained why the twins were given these unusual names. There is one scene where the pair play a tense game of tennis, which is likely an homage to their strange monikers.

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Beyond that, we're left scratching our heads. Perhaps season 3 will bring a throwaway line explaining the reasoning behind the name choice.

You season 2 - Forty Love names
You season 2: What do Love and Forty names mean? . Picture: Netflix

8) Did Love kill her husband?

What really happened to Love's husband who died? Fans think she may have killed him, which would technically put her kill count on par with Joe's. Fans are convinced that Love poisoned her husband and it's not out of the realm of possibility considering she is a chef and would have had access to his food.

Love Quinn's husband: Did Love murder her husband?
Love Quinn's husband: Did Love murder her husband? Picture: Netflix

9) Can Love and Joe survive each other?

These two have moved in together and are preparing for a baby. But can two serial killers survive one another while living under one roof? Joe has a layer of contempt barely simmering under the surface of his suburban father-to-be act. As for Love? Well, we have no clue what SHE is thinking.

It's only a matter of time before these two are at each other's throats or, at the very least, plotting one another's demise.


10) Is Love's baby really Joe's?

Let's examine the cold hard facts.

Love was with two men this season. Love claims she used protection with Milo, but she definitely has a good reason to say the baby belongs to Joe (even if she is unsure).

Joe has killer secrets like her, whereas Aussie Milo could never understand the unspeakable things Love has done in her life.

Joe may very be the baby's father, but it would be QUITE the season 3 plot point if the baby turned out to be the spawn of Milo Warrington.

Love Quinn You season 2 finale ending explained
Love Quinn You season 2 finale ending explained. Picture: Netflix

11) And last but not least, who is Joe's neighbour?

Yes, the big cliffhanger in You season 2 involved Joe becoming fixated on a brand new woman. But who is she and how will his new obsession with her affect his relationship with Love?

Fans are already taking a stab at guessing her new identity and many believe it will be Joe's mother. As previously mentioned, her whereabouts are unknown and it's not even clear whether she is dead or alive.

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A less fascinating theory could be that Joe's neighbour is just a suburbanite that he takes a fancy to. Looks like we'll have to wait until season 3 to find out.

What do you guys think? Do you have any unanswered questions after You season 2?