21 of the best You season 2 memes

3 January 2020, 13:15

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You season 2 has sparked a ton of new memes about Joe's glass box, his neighbour in the suburbs, and his very complicated relationship with Love Quinn. And, oh yeah, that MASSIVE twist at the end.

You season 2 arrived just in time to cure our post-Christmas boredom and the series only seemed to get better as Joe relocated to California and found Love (literally). If you're anything like us, you spent most of your viewing time perched nervously on the edge of your seat. Beyond the general anxiety of anticipating Joe's next move, there were some dark laughs to be had.

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The abundance of You season 2 memes prove that the hit Netflix show stayed with fans long after the screen went dark on the finale, where the spectre of a mysterious new neighbour was introduced.

Warning: This post contains You season 2 spoilers.

The return of Joe's glass box and his inability to change his behaviour inspired plenty of You memes. As did the shocking twist in the finale that revealed Love Quinn was never the person Joe thought she was.

Same Joe different season.

Joe may have found a new home in Los Angeles, but he quickly resumed his old ways. He found his new obsession – Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) – very quickly and it took him no time at all to start imprisoning people in his creepy glass box.

Joe's magic hat made its season 2 return.

Obviously, people remain conflicted over whether they should be rooting for Joe or...???

But the answer is no!

Not that damned glass box!!

The glass box that Joe trapped Beck and Jasper in during season 1 made a grand comeback in You season 2 and fans were terrified and...intrigued all over again.

We never did find out why Love and Forty were named LOVE AND FORTY.

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The twist of the century being that Joe hated finding out Love was just like him because...he....hates himself.

The Joe/Penn thirst was back, of course.

The! Final! Scene!

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Not to be dramatic or anything, but there's no possible way I can wait a year to find out who Joe's next-door neighbour is.

What do you guys think? What was your favourite part of You season 2?