Andy Looks VERY Different In The Toy Story 4 Trailer - And Fans Can't Handle It

20 March 2019, 14:23 | Updated: 20 March 2019, 14:26

Toy Story 4 is coming to the UK this summer
Toy Story 4 is coming to the UK this summer. Picture: Disney Pixar

The new trailer for Toy Story 4 dropped on March 19 and Disney fans across the globe are getting geared up for its release.

One thing that hasn't gone amiss, however, is Andy's new look.

It seems our childhood favourite has transformed from a dorky looking boy into a perfect CGI model - and fans cannot handle it.

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The last time we saw Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang was back in 2010, when Disney Pixar launched the hugely-anticipated Toy Story 3.

In the third edition, we saw a grown-up Andy packing up his things before moving to college. But amid the packing, Buzz, Bo Peep and the other toys accidentally get put out with the rubbish, before being donated to a daycare centre.

Woody winds up saving the day, infiltrating the fortress-like nursery, run by the tyrannical Lot-So-Huggin' Bear. After being reunited with his toys, Andy decides to give up his much-loved toys to a family friend's daughter, who promises to take good care of his childhood pals.

While we saw a teenage version of Andy in the third film, he still resembled the old Andy we all know and love in the childhood flashbacks.

Following the Toy Story 4 trailer drop, fans have claimed Andy has had plastic surgery and are creasing up at his new look.

One Twitter user said: "Did Pixar forget what Andy looks like? #ToyStory"

Another added: "Apparently, everybody's mad they redesigned Andy for #ToyStory4 meanwhile I'm grateful we don't have to look at this golem anymore."

Toy Story 4 is released in the UK on 21 June, 2019.