WATCH: Tom Hardy And Riz Ahmed Get Sweary Saying X-Rated Tongue Twisters

3 October 2018, 07:52

The stars of Venom, Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed, took on some rather adult tongue twisters (and nearly let out a hell of a lot of swears...)

If you've seen Venom, you'll know Tom Hardy has a very long tongue. Well, his character does anyway. As for Riz Ahmed, his tongue is average...

Basically, what we're trying to get to here is that it only seemed fair that we got the two actors to try naughty tongue twisters. Despite them only having usual sized tongues.

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Tom Hardy joined Riz Ahmed to attempt adult tongue twisters
Tom Hardy joined Riz Ahmed to attempt adult tongue twisters. Picture: Getty

Sonny Jay caught up with Tom and Riz, who play Eddie Brock and Carlton Drake respectively, to chat to them about their new antihero movie, Venom.

We put them to their tests by getting them to read their most challenging script to date - X-rated tongue twisters, which inevitably ended up with the actors swearing straight at Sonny.

We'd say we're sorry, Sonny, but we'd actually pay good money to have Tom Hardy swear at us...

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