What is the green cube in Umbrella Academy? All the best theories

8 August 2020, 11:18

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

A Sparrow sibling? The Sparrow Academy's version of Grace? Harlan!?

Can we talk about the finale of The Umbrella Academy season 2 please? More specifically, the Sparrow Academy. And more specifically than that... the floating green cube that randomly appeared in the final scene?

Season 2 left us with a whole host of unanswered questions but none are more pressing than Emo Ben, the Sparrows and that mysterious levitating thing. The exact function of the green cube is currently a hot topic in the fandom, with fans speculating about what – or who (?!) – it could be.

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The floating cube appears alongside the Sparrow Academy in the Hotel Oblivion comic but not much is known about its function or role in the team. The cube will no doubt take on a life of its own in the show – but what is it?

Here are the three best theories about what the Sparrow Academy's green cube is.

Umbrella Academy: Theories about the Sparrow Academy's green cube
Umbrella Academy: Theories about the Sparrow Academy's green cube. Picture: Netflix

Theory 1) The green cube contains someone's soul.

One Twitter user has theorised that the cube could be the physical container for one of the Sparrow Academy children's souls.

This could totally be plausible, because when Hargreeves calls the Sparrow Academy, the cube assembles with the others on the balcony overlooking the main room. If it wasn't part of the group, why would it join them?

Theory 2) The green cube is the Sparrow Academy's A.I. caregiver.

This theory was posted on r/FanTheories by Reddit user a_foolish_heart, who writes: "I think that cube is the replacement for Grace/Pogo."

One of the biggest unanswered questions of the season is whether or not Grace played any part in raising the Sparrow Academy children. It's hinted earlier in the season that Grace might distance herself from Reginald after discovering his nefarious plans. It's also not clear if Pogo stayed with Hargreeves either.

Could the green cube be the new caregiver? Something with less empathy and warmth than Grace? More stricter and emotionless, resulting in the Sparrow Academy's darker, unfriendly vibe?

Theory 3) The green cube is Harlan.

The last glimpse we saw of Harlan, he was in the back of the car, levitating his toy bird in his hand. It's clear that he still has some of Vanya's powers and with his connection to Vanya, it's possible that he may come into contact with Reginald Hargreeves at some point.

The shot of Harlan's bird (that looked like a sparrow) was clearly not random and has left fans wondering if Harlan either influenced Hargreeves, or is part of the Sparrow Academy.

But seeing as the final scene takes place 56 years later in 2019, Harlan would be well over 60 years old by then. He's clearly not one of the Sparrow kids. However, with Hargreeves' technology, could he have turned Harlan into the green box? Floating bird, floating box...

Umbrella Academy: Is Harlan the green cube from the Sparrow Academy?
Umbrella Academy: Is Harlan the green cube from the Sparrow Academy? Picture: Netflix

To make matters even more interesting, show-runner Steve Blackman revealed in a Reddit AMA on August 6th that the green cube was called apparently Christopher.

If this is true, and he's not just trolling, it basically rules out the Harlan theory but still leaves the other two open for more speculation.

Umbrella Academy showrunner says the green cube's name is Christopher
Umbrella Academy showrunner says the green cube's name is Christopher. Picture: Reddit

Christopher the Floating Green Cube 2020 ✌️