The Politician Soundtrack: Every song that features in season one

28 September 2019, 01:59

All the music from Netflix's The Politician, including songs by Sufjan Stevens, Chvrches, Donna Summer and Tama Impala.

Netflix's The Politician premiered on Friday, September 27 and the impressive cast delivered plenty of drama, suspense and, of course, perfect comedic moments. In true Ryan Murphy style, the diverse and talented actors adeptly propelled the story forward through lovably flawed characters. There were also some major music moments on the show, from Donna Summer to Tame Impala, Joni Mitchell and The Cure.

While The Politician leans heavily on its original score, the songs featured in the show are top tier. Astrid dancing around her bedroom to 'Clearest Blue' by Chvrches was a truly inspired choice, as was the use of 'Pictures of You' by The Cure in the final episode of the season.

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If the soundtrack to The Politician left you wanting to know the name of all the songs featured, have no fear. Here is every song from The Politician soundtrack.


The Politician soundtrack - every song from season 1
The Politician soundtrack - every song from season 1. Picture: Netflix

The Politician season 1 episode 1 songs:

1) Sufjan Stevens - 'Chicago'
This song plays over the opening credits of each episode. It is the main theme to The Politician.

2) Joni Mitchell - 'River' (Ben Platt cover)
This song plays as Payton sings at River's funeral.

3) Tame Impala - 'Yes, I'm Changing'
This song plays as Payton is looking at social media after River's memorial service and as he's walking through the halls.

Yes, I'm Changing - Tame Impala

The Politician season 1 episode 2 songs:

1) Knut Kiesewetter - 'Gestern Noch' (Beatles Yesterday cover)
This song plays as Payton's father sorts through the books in his library.

2) Shirley Bassey - 'This Is My Life'
This song plays when Payton's mum Georgina (Gwyneth Paltrow) is at the dinner party and sees the woman she eventually falls in love with.

3) Shirley Bassey - '(Where Do I Begin) Love Story'
This song plays when Payton has dinner at Astrid and Dusty's house.

CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue

The Politician season 1 episode 3 songs:

1) Chvrches - Clearest Blue
'Clearest Blue' by Chvrches plays when Astrid is dancing in her room before Ricardo breaks in.

The Politician season 1 episode 4 songs:

1) Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love'
The song playing when Astrid is in New York being a tourist with Ricardo. 

Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Studio Version]

The Politician season 1 episode 5 songs:

1) Amon Amarth - 'The Way of Vikings'
This is the song Elliot Beechman is listening to when he's walking onto his school campus with his headphones on.

The Politician season 1 episode 6 songs:

1) Alexander Gemignani & Mary Catherine Garrisson - 'Unworthy of Your Love' (Ben Platt & Zoey Deutch cover)
The song that Payton and Infinity sing at rehearsals for the school play.

2) Shirley Bassey - Love Story (Where Do I Begin)
This is the song playing on the jukebox when Ricardo and Dusty meet at the bar to discuss their plan.

2) Dusty Springfield - 'If You Go Away'
This is the song playing when Georgina's lover flies away on her plane after Payton collapses and has to go to hospital.

The Politician season 1 episode 7 songs:

1) Elliott Smith – 'Between The Bars'
This is the song playing when Payton is walking at school and everyone is staring at him because he's been exposed for knowing about Inifinity's non-cancer.

2) Sufjan Stevens – 'Chicago'
The theme tune 'Chicago' by Sufjan Stevens is the song that plays when Payton is driving his mum down the highway after all the drama.

Billy Joel - Vienna (Official Audio)

The Politician season 1 episode 8 songs:

1) Billy Joel – 'Vienna'
Payton sings 'Vienna' by Billy Joel in the bar while playing the piano.

2) Cotton Jones – 'I Am The Changer'
This is the song playing when everyone is putting Payton to bed and Skye says, "Jesus, Payton. What happened to you?"

3) Jackie Wilson –
'A Woman, A Lover, A Friend'
The song is playing when Leader Standish is at home after getting the news that she could become the vice president.

4) The Cure – 'Pictures of You'
This song plays as Payton drives in his car and talks to the ghostly version of River.

5) LCD Soundsystem – 'Oh Baby'
This song plays when Payton is walking home from the bar after talking to River's ghost who convinced him to run for office against Dee Dee Standish.

The Cure - Pictures Of You