The Last of Us fans are calling for Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett to win Emmys

31 January 2023, 19:41

The Last of Us cast open up about the gay love story in episode 3

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Give Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett one Emmy to share just so I know they still see each other every now and then."

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The Last of Us is back at it again. Following on from that devastating first episode, and last week's devastating follow up, the HBO series has just delivered yet another devastating hour of TV. (HBO Sundays are for screaming, crying and throwing up over this series now.)

As Joel and Ellie continue their journey, The Last of Us episode 3 takes a little detour and expands on the story of Bill (played by Nick Offerman) and Frank (played by Murray Bartlett). The episode then unfolds into one of the most beautiful hours of TV in recent memory.

Immediately after the episode aired, fans flocked to social media to share their feelings and praise the stunning performances of Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett – and call for their pair to pick up Emmys.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Last of Us episode 3!

Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett's performances on The Last of Us has emotionally wrecked fans
Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett's performances on The Last of Us has emotionally wrecked fans. Picture: HBO

If you've already watched the episode, then you'll know exactly why fans are calling for Nick and Murray to pick up awards for their performances.

Episode 3, titled 'Long, Long Time', flashes back to 2007, and introduces viewers to survivalist Bill and Frank, a lone survivor who stumbles into a trap in Bill's abandoned hometown. Their lives instantly change when Bill lets Frank seek refuge in his home. What was meant to be a brief stop on Frank's journey soon becomes a 16-year love story between the two.

Throughout the episode's flashbacks, we see Bill and Frank grow closer and more in love before their story ends with them deciding to peacefully end their lives together at home. Viewers have described the episode as "one of the most beautiful and devastating gay love stories I’ve ever seen on television" and "the most touching and heartbreaking hour of television".

As soon as the episode ended, and the tears stopped flowing enough for people to start tweeting about it, the Emmy conversations began. Nick? Murray? GIVE THEM EMMYS!!

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Fans want Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett to win Emmys for their roles as Bill and Frank
Fans want Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett to win Emmys for their roles as Bill and Frank. Picture: HBO

"I know only one of them can win, but Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett both deserve Emmys for their performances in episode 3 of The Last of Us," one viewer wrote.

Others also took the opportunity to hone in on their praise for Nick Offerman's performance as Bill, specifically.

"I’m not a half hour in, but if Nick Offerman doesn’t win an Emmy for this episode of #tlou I’m going to fucking riot," one user added. Another focused on the moving strawberry scene between Bill and Frank, and said: "Nick Offerman’s giggle in this scene needs its own Emmy. This moment wrecked me."

Fans also noted that Nick Offerman has never even been nominated for an acting Emmy, despite his unforgettable 7-season performance as Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation. (He has been nominated three times in the Outstanding Host category for Making It.)

Murray won the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie in 2022 for his role as resort manager Armond in The White Lotus season 1.

Nominations for the 2023 Emmys will be announced on July 12th, with the award ceremony taking place in September. Time to get manifesting those guest actor nominations for both Nick and Murray!

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