Tangled star Zachary Levi wants to play Flynn again in the live-action movie

23 August 2023, 12:03

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Zachary Levi says he'll do it if Florence Pugh is cast as Rapunzel in the upcoming film.

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Zachary Levi has put his hat in the ring to play the role of Flynn Rider again in Disney's rumoured live-action Tangled movie.

Reports that Disney was developing a live-action Tangled movie first surfaced in 2020. According to The DisInsider, Ashleigh Powell (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms) had been signed on to write the film's script with Michael De Luca (Moneyball) producing it. Since then more rumblings have surfaced that a remake is coming but Disney are yet to officially confirm anything.

Now, Zachary Levi, who played Flynn Rider in the original animated film, has said that he wants to make a return as Flynn.

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Tangled star Zachary Levi wants to play Flynn again in the live-action movie
Tangled star Zachary Levi wants to play Flynn again in the live-action movie. Picture: Disney via Alamy Stock Photo, Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Amid the reports that Tangled is coming back to the big screen, people have been fan-casting who will play the leads in the movie. One of the current fan-favourites to play Rapunzel is Florence Pugh. Fans often point out how similar she looks to Rapunzel in the 2008 film, and tweets calling on Disney to cast her as Rapunzel regularly go viral on Twitter.

The DisInsider have also claimed that Florence is Disney's "top choice" to play Rapunzel.

Reacting to the possibility of Florence playing Rapunzel, Zachary has revealed that he would gladly reprise the role of Flynn. Speaking at the Chicago Fan Expo convention, Zachary said; "There was this thing, I just saw it earlier, floating around the internet that Florence Pugh potentially might play the role of Rapunzel. And if Florence plays Rapunzel...um, maybe!"

Confirming that he'd love to do the film with her, he then added: "It would also be a trip because my real last name is Pugh, by the way. My name is Zachary Levi Pugh. You'd have a Pugh-Pugh in Tangled? Come on!"

However, Zachary's comments have been met with some backlash. With Zachary being 43 and Florence being 28, some fans think that the roles should go to younger actors. Rapunzel is 18 in the original film and Flynn is 26. A fan tweeted: "Should be someone younger looking".

Others are more concerned by problematic comments Zachary has made in the past and think Disney should look elsewhere for their Finn.

Zachary and Florence aren't the only ones being tipped to play Rapunzel and Flynn though. Another popular fan casting for the film includes Sabrina Carpenter, who is 24, as Rapunzel and Red, White & Royal Blue actor Taylor Zakhar Perez, who is 31, as Flynn. Sabrina and Taylor are also besties in real life.

On top of that, Never Have I Ever's Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has made clear multiple times on Twitter that she wants to play Rapunzel. In 2022, she tweeted: "I’ve made it like really clear that like Rapunzel IS my dream role… right? Like we know this… right????" At just 21, Maitreyi is the closest in age to Rapunzel.

Avantika, who plays Karen in the new Mean Girls, also is a hot favourite amongst fans. People have also fan-cast Fabien Frankel from House of the Dragon, who is 29 in real life, as Flynn.

Who do you think should play Rapunzel and Flynn in a live-action Tangled?

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