Squid Game sparks concern after children start playing the show's games at school

13 October 2021, 12:21

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Parents and schoolteachers are concerned with the impact that watching Squid Game is having on kids.

Squid Game is causing concern among adults after children have begun imitating the series' games in the school playground.

If you haven't heard of Squid Game yet, where have you been? Over the course of the past month, the Korean Netflix drama has broken viewing records with over 111 million people tuning in to watch it. Viewers can't get enough of the concept that sees 456 people unwittingly sign on to take part in a set of deadly childhood games in an attempt to win a huge prize.

Squid Game has been widely praised by viewers but now families are calling it out for sending a bad message to children.

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Squid Game sparks concern after children start playing the show's games at school
Squid Game sparks concern after children start playing the show's games at school. Picture: Netflix

According to the Belfast Telegraph, "An online safety expert has urged parents in Northern Ireland to be aware of the need to turn on parental controls on Netflix after reports that primary school age children are copying violence from hit new series Squid Game — despite it having a 15 age rating." Children as young as nine have allegedly been watching the show.

In the series, contestants play games like marbles, tug of war and red light green light. However, if they fail any of them they are shot dead. The Belfast Telegraph reports that a school in Belgium was forced to intervene after children began playing the games and beating up kids whenever they got eliminated from the games.

And it's not just children watching the show natively on Netflix, clips have gone viral on TikTok where there are no parental controls.

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The Mirror also reports that some UK schools have been contacting parents after their children have asked to play games at school that are depicted in Squid Game. They also claim that schools have been holding workshops on violence to combat the impact of Squid Game.

Given that Netflix provides parental controls, we'd encourage you to use them if you're concerned about young children watching Squid Game or any other adult content via your Netflix account.

What do you think? Is Squid Game inappropriate?