Spider-Man: No Way Home deleted scene featuring Tony Stark's daughter Morgan

20 December 2021, 16:35

Tom Holland & Zendaya Hint 'No Way Home' May Be MJ's Last Spider-Man Movie


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Morgan Stark was reportedly set to feature in No Way Home – but the scene was cut out of the movie.

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Tom Holland is finally back in business as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, alongside a whole host of other fan-fave characters from the previous movies. But another MCU character almost made an appearance.

Tom has already teased that a scene involving his real life brother Harry Holland was sadly removed from the final cut of the movie. Now, it seems like another scene involving a character we last saw in Avengers: Endgame was removed from the film too.

Yesterday (Dec 19), Lexi Rabe, the young actress who played Tony Stark and Pepper Potts’ daughter Morgan Stark in Endgame, took to Instagram to share a few snaps from her experience at the No Way Home world premiere. At the same time, she teased that she was meant to be in the movie but the scene apparently didn’t make it into the final cut.

WARNING: Minor No Way Home spoilers ahead!

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead for Spider-Man: No Way Home
WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Picture: Sony/Marvel Studios

Alongside a series of photos of herself posing with Tom, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Jon Favreau, Marisa Tomei and everyone else who attended the premiere, Lexi's account wrote: “I absolutely love this movie – even though my part got cut – it was amazing to see everyone.”

Shortly after fans started sharing the news, Lexi’s caption was later edited to read: “(Studio asked to use my image)”

In the caption over the top of her video, she also wrote: “Best night ever. I don’t mind my part got cut. I missed my Marvel fam. This movie was amazing. Hope to start filming again soon.”

The person behind Lexi’s Instagram page has yet to reveal the details about what her cut scene entailed.

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The last time Marvel fans saw Morgan Stark on-screen was at the end of Endgame, when she was sitting on a bench with Happy Hogan at Tony’s funeral and asked for cheeseburgers. (Sorry for bringing that devastating moment back up again, btw.)

Having seen No Way Home, it’s not immediately obvious where Morgan could have slotted into the film. Seeing as Peter Parker was pretty busy with…other stuff, it’s possible that she, or an image of her, appeared in a scene with Jon Favreau's Happy.

In an Instagram comment responding to a fan asking for more details on the scene, Lexi's account replied: “I don’t think I can share… sorry.” She also noted that the scene was “small”.

Will we ever find out how Morgan Stark was meant to be included in No Way Home? Who knows. Here’s hoping we get to see her on-screen again one day, though.

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