Elite Short Stories recap: Here's what happens to Phillipe, Caye and Felipe

15 December 2021, 12:07

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Elite Historias Breves (or Elite Short Stories) has returned! Here's what happens in episode 1 with Phillipe, Caye and Felipe – spoilers ahead!

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Elite Short Stories is back and the first series of episodes is about Phillipe, Caye and a brand new character named... Felipe.

Fans of Elite will already know that Netflix previously released four Elite Short Stories ahead of Elite season 4 in June. Each of the short stories focuses on two or three Elite characters and consists of three parts following them over the school holidays. Ahead of Elite season 5, Netflix are dropping more Elite Short Stories set during the winter holidays.

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Today (Dec 15), Netflix have released Elite Short Stories: Phillipe, Caye and Felipe, the first of three new Elite Short Stories.

What happens in Elite Short Stories: Phillipe, Caye and Felipe?

Elite Short Stories recap: Phillipe, Caye and Felipe
Elite Short Stories recap: Phillipe, Caye and Felipe. Picture: Netflix

Part 1

Part 1 opens with Caye and Rebe donating clothes to a charity. While doing so, Rebe notices that Caye has chemistry with the volunteer, Felipe. When Rebe mentions that Caye can sew, Felipe asks if she would volunteer with him and help touch up and fix the donated clothes. Caye agrees.

Elsewhere, Phillipe is being berated by his mum for admitting to his abusive behaviour and apologising to the girl who he abused. He then stumbles across a girl named Lara who has lost her dog and agrees to help her find the dog.

The first part ends with Phillipe and Lara entering the place where Caye volunteers and seeing her with Felipe.

Part 2

In Part 2, Phillipe asks Caye what she's doing and she explains that she's volunteering at a clothing donation centre and says: "Some of us like to help at the holidays". Phillipe then insists that he's actually generous and that Caye will see.

Afterwards, Phillipe donates a selection of expensive clothes to the centre. Felipe wants to keep them but Caye tells him Phillipe is just doing it to prove a point. Caye persuades Felipe to return them by agreeing to go for dinner with him.

At dinner, Caye flirts with Felipe and ignores Phillipe's calls. Later she returns to the clothing centre to see that Phillipe's given it a makeover and bought loads of new clothes to donate to it.

Part 3

Felipe tells Caye that he can't turn away that amount of clothes and agrees to work with Phillipe and Lara, who Phillipe's brought along with him. Caye then says there's no need for her to volunteer there anymore because there's no longer anything to fix but Felipe persuades her to stay.

Phillipe suggests they should throw a party to raise awareness for the centre and Caye accuses him of using it just as an image makeover. She also tells him that Lara should go and that she doesn't want him in her space.

Caye then chats with Felipe and says all of this is stupid because she doesn't like Phillipe anymore. Felipe tells Caye that even though she wants to like him, she still hasn't got over her feelings for Phillipe.

Phillipe then confesses his love for Caye but Caye it makes clear that, even though she still has feelings for him, she only wants to be friends. Phillipe accepts.

The short story ends with Caye asking to Felipe to dinner again but he says no and that he's into her but only willing to date when she's fully gotten over her feelings for Phillipe: "Forget about him and I'll be here".

Will Felipe be in Elite season 5?

Will Felipe be in Elite season 5?
Will Felipe be in Elite season 5? Picture: Netflix

Given that Felipe has not been announced as a new Elite cast member, it seems likely that he won't appear in season 5 but we wouldn't rule it out completely. If not season 5, he could possibly return in Elite season 6.

There is no release date for Elite season 5 just yet but we imagine that it will drop in early 2022.

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