What Happened In Sex Education Season 2? A Recap Of The Last Episode

16 September 2021, 16:45

Here's a refresher on what happened last season
Here's a refresher on what happened last season. Picture: Netflix
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Your mind may need a little refresh as season three of Sex Education arrives – here's everything that went down in the final episode of season two to jog your memory!

Sex Education's third season is right around the corner!

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the hit Netflix show ever since the second season arrived in January of 2020 – it's been a year a half between series but the wait is nearly over.

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Let's recap where Sex Education left off before we delve into the new episodes that are arriving on September 17th...

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Sex Education is making its long-awaited return
Sex Education is making its long-awaited return. Picture: Netflix

What happened at the end of season 2?

Towards the end of season two, Otis' mum, Jean Milburn, finally found out about him giving unsolicited sex advice at school.

The final episode saw the pair at odds as they tried to hash out their argument, season three is likely to see the mum and son duo get back on good terms again.

In one of the most shocking revelations in the finale, Jean finds out that she is pregnant as well as perimenopausal.

Maeve calls the child protective services after realising her mother is no longer clean from drugs, resulting in her baby sister likely being taken into care.

Sex Education's second season landed in the beginning of 2020
Sex Education's second season landed in the beginning of 2020. Picture: Netflix

Eric Effiong had been in a relationship with new boy Rahim throughout the season whilst also entertaining his developing feelings for Adam Groff, who revealed to Eric that he was bisexual.

Adam confessed his romantic feeling to Eric in the final episode, to which he reciprocated.

Maeve and Otis' relationship had been subject to a turbulent journey since the beginning of the show, but the main character finally declares his feelings to her in a sweet voicemail left on her phone.

However, Maeve's new friend Isaac, who has caught feelings for her, deletes the message from her phone...

Moordale Secondary School is subject to a big change in season three as it is revealed in the finale that Mr Groff had been put on involuntary leave, meaning that there will be a new headteacher starting immediately.

You can watch season three of Sex Education on Netflix from Friday the 17th of September to see how the story continues.

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