QUIZ: Build your dream home and we’ll reveal which Selling Sunset agent you are

10 August 2020, 19:23

The official trailer for Selling Sunset season 3

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Selling Sunset has our expectations high and our commission goals higher, but which agent are you most like? It's time to build your dream house and we'll find out if you're more Chrishell or Christine.

If you've got a taste for luxury and an eye for drama, you're definitely a fan of Selling Sunset.

And while we *ahem* patiently wait for season 4 to drop (we need to see Heather's engagement ring in HD), obviously we're trying to figure out which agent we're most like.

You may think you have the style of Christine and the charm of Maya, but we can reveal your fate via your taste in interiors.

Ready to build your dream house? Choose that bathroom very wisely...

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