Elite season 4 ending explained: What happens to each character?

18 June 2021, 18:30

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

How does Elite season 4 end? Here's what happens in the finale ahead of Elite season 5.

Elite season 4 may have only just come out on Netflix but fans are already losing it over what happens in the shock ending.

Elite season 4 introduces a new principal to Las Encinas, along with his three children, Ari (Carla Díaz), Patrick (Manu Rios), and Mencína (Martina Cariddi). It also adds a member of European royalty, Phillipe (Pol Granch), to the mix and the drama and scandal continue. The entire season revolves around the mystery of who attacked Ari and it ends with a bang.

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What happens to each Elite character in season 4 though? Here's how the show leaves Ari, Patrick, Mencína, Rebeka, Guzmán, Samuel, Omar, Ander, Cayetana and Phillipe ahead of Elite season 5.


Elite season 4 ending explained: What happens to each character?
Elite season 4 ending explained: What happens to each character? Picture: Netflix

What happens to Ari in Elite season 4?

Ari finds herself in a love triangle with Samuel and Guzmán in Elite season 4 and she struggles to choose between them, but neither are responsible for almost killing her.

The Elite season 4 finale takes place on New Year's Eve at a party at the Lake Club and we learn that Ari is almost beaten to death by Armando, the man paying Mencína for sex and blackmailing her. After seeing him attack Mencína on the lake pier, Ari confronts him and tries to call her father to expose him. He then starts hitting her brutally but Guzmán stops him.

Armando runs away and Ari asks Guzmán to go after him. Guzmán then finds Armando in a boat warehouse and shoots him dead with a flare gun. Meanwhile, Ari tries to get up and collapses in the lake and almost drowns. Paramedics later arrive and Ari survives but she doesn't know that Armando is dead. Guzmán tells her that he didn't find him.

Guzmán then officially ends his relationship with Ari because he realises that she loves Samuel. Whether Ari and Samuel start an official relationship is yet to be seen. We imagine that will become clear in season 5.

What happens to Patrick in Elite season 4?

After having sex with Ander and Omar, the couple eventually break up and Patrick tries dating Ander but Ander only wants sex with him and nothing exclusive. Patrick then tries to get close to Omar but Omar is still in love with Ander. In the final episode, Patrick hooks up with a stranger on New Year's Eve and is heartbroken by both Ander and Omar.

Going into season 5, Patrick may want revenge or he may simply want to find a new love interest.

What happens to Mencía in Elite season 4?

In Elite season 4, Mencía turns to sex work after her dad cuts off her allowance. Armando is Mencía's first client and he later begins blackmailing her when she starts dating Rebeka and wants to stop sleeping with him forever. On New Year's Eve, at the Lake Club party, Mencía meets with Armando on the lake pier and tells him that she won't have sex with him again.

As we've mentioned, Armando begins attacking Mencía. Noticing this, Rebeka kicks Armando off the pier and Rebeka and Mencía escape back to the Lake Club party before Ari confronts Armando. The season ends with Mencía and Rebeka as a couple again. Mencía also tells her dad and Patrick what really happened with Armando with Ari by her side.

In season 5, we expect much more Mencía and Rebeka content.

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What happens to Rebeka in Elite season 4?

Elite season 4 focuses on Rebeka's relationship with Mencía and her bid to protect her when she finds out that Mencía's been engaging in sex work, despite being underage. The season ends with the couple together. However, what Mencía doesn't know is that Rebeka (and Samuel) helped Guzmán bury Armando's dead body in the lake after he killed him.

Will Rebeka let slip to Mencía that Armando is dead in season 5? We'll have to wait and see.

What happens to Guzmán in Elite season 4?

Guzmán breaks up with Nadia after struggling to make long-distance work. He then starts a relationship with Ari. However, he's constantly worried that she loves Samuel instead.

After accidentally killing Armando in the Elite season 4 finale, Guzmán bumps into Samuel and Rebeka and reveals what he did. They tell him that he did the right thing because Armando was a bad man and they agree to help him. As the episode ends, we see Guzmán, Samuel and Rebeka throwing Armando's weighted dead body into the lake.

Guzmán then breaks up with Ari because he believes that she is in love with Samuel. He also decides to go travelling with Ander. It seems unlikely that he will appear in season 5 much, if at all, unless Armando's body is found and he is arrested. It's possible that he has left the show for good.

What happens to Samuel in Elite season 4?

Samuel instantly falls for Ari in Elite season 4 but she doesn't originally want to date him because he's not rich. However, their chemistry is undeniable and they begin having an affair when Ari is dating Guzmán. In the season finale, Samuel decides to end things with Ari because he thinks she loves Guzmán instead of him.

Samuel's story ends with him helping Guzmán bury Armando's body with Rebeka and wishing Guzmán well on his travels. With Guzmán now out of the picture, will Samuel try dating Ari officially in season 5?

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What happens to Ander in Elite season 4?

Ander and Omar open up their sex life by having a threesome with Patrick in Elite season 4 but it doesn't work out and they eventually break up. Ander then makes plans to go travelling. However, he cancels them when Omar asks him to get back together. Later, Omar finds out about Ander's cancelled plans and encourages him to go.

The couple end things but say that they will always love each other and could get back together in the future. We last see Ander, going off backpacking with Guzmán. Now that he's left Las Encinas, it's unclear if he will appear in season 5 or if, along with Guzmán, he's left the shoe for good.

What happens to Omar in Elite season 4?

As we've explained above, Omar and Ander break up on good terms in season 4 after a tumultuous journey with Patrick. As Omar is still at Las Encinas, we imagine that season 5 will see him finish his studies and possibly find a new love interest. We also imagine that there will be more Patrick and Omar content, be that as friends, enemies or lovers.

What happens to Cayetana in Elite season 4?

Cayetana works as the Las Encinas cleaner in Elite season 4. However, she remains friends with the rest of the characters and begins to design clothes for them as another means of making money. She also falls for Phillipe and he is likewise interested in her. However, things take a turn when she finds out that he filmed her having sex with him.

It's later exposed that he sexually assaulted another girl and he forces himself on Cayetana, even when she says no, in a later scene. Phillipe's mum tries to blackmail Cayetana into staying with Phillipe by offering to give her family money but Cayetana declines.

Hopefully, in Elite season 5 Cayetana's fashion career will take off and she'll get a love interest who isn't a murderer or a rapist.

What happens to Phillipe in Elite season 4?

As we've said, Phillipe dates Cayetana but she ends things with him after he sexually assaults her. In the season finale, he apologises to Cayetana and phones up the girl he previously sexually assaulted to apologise. It's unclear whether or not he'll return to Elite season 5.