Sex Education season 3 has been renewed at Netflix

10 February 2020, 16:43

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

When is Sex Education season 3 coming out? Season 3 of the Netflix teen series starring Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa and Emma Mackey is officially happening.

Sex Education season 3 is *clears throat* COMING.

It's official, the teen series will be back for another season on Netflix - which means we're finally about to find out whether or not Maeve ever heard that voicemail from Otis.

The renewal was announced in a video starring Alastair Petrie (who plays Headmaster Groff), who recapped season 2's biggest storylines before teasing the third season and what's to come for our fave Moordale students.

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Shortly after the release of season 2, creator Laurie Nunn revealed that she was already working on the third season of the show, despite the renewal still being unconfirmed.

Sex Education season 3 will go into production later this year.

Sex Education season 3 is coming
Sex Education season 3 is coming. Picture: Netflix

So, what will happen in Sex Education season 3? Of course, everyone is keeping their cards close to their chests when it comes to spoilers but there's no doubt we'll be seeing the repercussions of Otis' deleted voicemail, how Eric and Adam and Lily and Ola are doing in their new relationships, and, most importantly, how Jean is coping with her unexpected pregnancy.

In an interview with PopBuzz, Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa both agreed that they'd love to see more of Eric and Otis together in season 3. "I want to see more Otis and Eric. I want to see more of Eric's family. I want Otis to see more of Eric's family," said Asa, with Ncuti agreeing: "I wanna see Otis eating Jollof and seasoned food. I would love to see that [laugh]."

And as for the cast? All your faves – including Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey and Gillian Anderson – will definitely be returning, as well as plenty of new faces who will join Moordale for the new season.

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